What Makes the Perfect Event

In an attempt to create that memorable first impression when guests walk into an event and say “wow!”, it may initially seem that the task you have taken on feels like a mountain to climb. But by following the Perfect Package Company’s tips for event success, you can create lifelong memories and captivate your guests from the very moment they walk through the door.


The most successful and enjoyable of events come from plans that don’t leave anything to chance. This isn’t about list upon list of unachievable goals but actually more about the opposite.

Make a list of the things that you need to do in a clear and concise manner, making sure there is plenty of time so that nothing is left until the last minute. It is a good idea to start the plan with the detail of what the host is wanting, whether it be a visual mood board or just a written version of how the host visualises the end result.

Whilst the best of plans can change, try to stick to it as much as is possible, so keeping your head calm and collected. And if things do unavoidably go ‘off-piste’, for example, if a supplier is unable to fulfil an order requirement, see this as a positive step that is meant to happen to enhance the ultimate event.


Making sure that things like table decorations match and co-ordinate may seem like a basic, but true event success comes from really ensuring your theme is followed to the T. By thinking about things like the colour of the chairs, the colour of the paint on the walls and even the amount of sunlight coming through the windows (or the colour of the curtains at night!), you really can create the perfect ambience in a room to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable in what probably is an unfamiliar place. Remember that the end goal is for guests to have a truly enjoyable event, whether it is a corporate do or family celebration.


Remember when you were young and went to a friend’s birthday party, and however great the party was, what you really, really were looking forward to was the party bag at the end?
Adults may be ‘grown-ups’, but feeling extra special isn’t just for children.

Consider having something at the event that can be taken home, not just as something to be used, but actually as a reminder of how great the event was. Remember that the perfect event is all about creating long-lasting memories, so taking a token home is the perfect way to ensure that wonderful feeling you had is never forgotten.

Try and think outside of the box when it comes to your choice of gift – we have all had personalised chocolates, sugared almonds and, of course, a slice of cake wrapped in a napkin, but by giving something unique, you are really making sure that you have created the perfect event.

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