Top 7 things every planner should know

It’s time to party! So fun times, shared with friends and family, and a room filled with laughter, warmth, memories and deserved relaxation……that is unless you are the planner.

There is something about organising the social gathering known as ‘the party’ that can turn the most organised and capable of human beings into jibbering wrecks. So with that in mind, just how can you turn party-planning into a dream scenario?

1. Choose your guests wisely
It may seem a little harsh but the right guests can be the difference between social success and social failure. If you have witnessed a potential guest reach the depths of shame at another event, then there is no reason they shouldn’t do the same as yours. It may seem like tough love, but it is a necessary evil to consider not inviting them if you want a party that is memorable for all the right reasons.

2. Plan low-prep food
Forget fiddly nibbles and greasy grub and concentrate on food that leaves fingers relatively sticky-free. Less saucy chicken-wings and more goats cheese and sun-blush tomato tartlets guarantee you get positive comments on the taste without the negatives of fingerprints on the wall.

3. Avoid drinks that stain
Whilst red wine may seem like an obvious drinks option, a permanent reminder of their love of the darker grape on your carpet is not a good look. Consider a punch, or theme your drinks like having a “gin-fest” with varied mixers. Sometimes too much choice is quite simply too much hassle. You are the planner and it is your decision.

4. Mingle
The huge social party faux-pas is being invisible at your own event as you sink your teeth in to manic prepping. Make sure you make your presence known as if you don’t, it is likely to be noticed. Enlist others to help and if a guest offers to pitch in, it’s not always a social ‘no-no’ to say ‘yes-yes!’.

5. Stand out from the crowd
Make your event the one that they are still talking about for weeks later for all the right reasons. Attention to detail can make that all-important difference, whether it’s subtle themed bunting or cute personalised napkins. Remember that quality usually wins-out so don’t be tempted to cut financial corners.

6. Know your audience
Make sure that all of your guests are catered for so they feel special and comfortable. From dietary requirements such as vegetarian and gluten-free to making sure there is a comfy seat for a guest with health issues, the little things mean a lot.

7. Make it stress-free
Let’s be honest – a party is to be enjoyed by ALL, planner very much included, so don’t think that the more complicated the event is, the better it will be. Careful and considered planning will leave you free to enjoy the fruits of your labour, and with companies such as ‘Party in a Box’ providing you with the ultimate stress-free event planning option, it truly is time to let your hair down!

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