Tips on organizing a party or Event on a tight budget

Throwing a party can be great fun. However, it is easy to get carried away with event planning that you barely realize you are running way over what you can afford. It is quite a skill trying to balance between planning a successful event and keeping expenses within a reasonable budget.

With a tight budget, you can still get things done and make a strong impression and get your message across to your audience. Here are some key guidelines on how to do so:

1. Negotiate

Everything is negotiable, you just need to learn how to ask and for what. Caterers, venues, and suppliers still need to make a profit, but there are definitely ways they can value-add to your event.

Look for package deals by having one or fewer suppliers; this can substantially cut down some costs. Your chosen venue may be able to offer you all or most of the services you need in the same deal or get you preferential rates with some recommended vendors.

2. Get an inexpensive venue

I think when you have a low budget, then definitely you shouldn’t go for a booking a venue. This is because the booking up a venue will cost you a lot, almost like more than anything.

So you can skip this and go for some free venues. What do I mean by free venues? By free venues, I meant the best places where you not spending your single dime.

3. Go Digital

If you’re on a budget, the first way to save some money is to send out your invitations using a free digital service instead of mailing out hard copies.
You can opt to send an email or create a Facebook event, but there are so many free services out there now that can send nice looking digital invitations.
The great thing about using an invitation website instead of Facebook or email is that some sites can track who has RSVPed and also let you create lists of who is bringing what to the party.

4. Go minimal: Eliminate things you do not really need

Think coldly: what can you get rid of? Is that neon sign really necessary? Will people be really upset if there isn’t a giveaway at the end of the event? Sticking to what you really need will help to reduce costs. You may need to go through this list several times in order to truly get rid of everything nonessential. Don’t Go Overboard: Know Where to Save Money and Where to Spend

5.Find sponsors/partners

Partnerships are not as hard to get as it may sound. Contact companies such as coffee and water suppliers, so that you provide some drinks at your event. Depending on the type of event, investors or sponsors could help you cut your budget by almost. Firstly, you need to consider carefully which companies and organizations will be interested in sponsoring your event and what are the benefits this sponsorship offers them. Sponsoring companies are interested in the event’s audience and topic when they determine whether or not your event is an appropriate place to promote their brand. Above all, sponsorship is a way of connecting brands.

6. Cut down budget on food and drinks

AThis is easy enough. Ask your attendees to bring something along. This will also cater for everyone’s tastes and needs, as people will bring what they want to eat. You could also make food preparation part of the party – have fun making kebabs, preparing salads, making sandwiches or even baking. If you decide to have a BBQ, ask your guests to bring something that they want to be grilled. Alternatively, task everyone with bringing something specific, so that nothing is left out and you don’t end up with everyone bringing crisps, dips and potato salad!

6. Decoration and Music

Food is not the only area where you can save on. You can also focus on other areas such as entertainment or decoration. Decorations also do not have to break the bank. For example, for children’s parties, you can buy a bunch of balloons and streamers. Or for a garden party, instead of buying expensive outdoor lighting that you probably will never use again, you can buy a couple of outdoor torches and use the outdoor lights that usually adorn your trees and bushes on special occasions in your garden to create beautiful, soft lighting. Your guests will never know the difference between expensive and cheap lighting, and probably won’t even care as long as the ambiance is cozy and the party fun.

You can also always borrow items from friends and family to make your venue look great. Make sure you give them back in good condition, though!

Be your own DJ. Cut out the expense of hiring a DJ by spending time building playlists with your friends. Gather with your friends one evening, break out the wine and choose the tracks that everyone will enjoy. You could use a tablet, iPad or laptop to find the music that will get everyone partying or the tunes that really mean something to you and your friends.

You could use music streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube to create playlists also.

6. Let your guests pinch in

No one wants to show up to a party empty-handed, and regardless of what you tell them, your guests will always want to bring something. Put that thoughtful party etiquette to use by asking each invitee to bring something that will help you keep your own expenses down, such as an appetizer, dessert, or bottle of wine to share. I promise they won’t mind a bit; on the contrary, they will probably appreciate for once knowing what to bring.

Some events have bigger budgets than others. While most people believe that with an unlimited amount of resources or a whole lot of money, you can potentially move mountains and make huge ripples in the lake, it also does not mean that events with smaller budgets are going to be less impactful and successful.

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