The perfect baby/bridal shower gift

Perfection – it’s a word that says precisely what it sets out to do – being perfect means that nothing about it could be better…

So when it comes to buying the perfect gift for that baby or bridal shower, how do we manage to reach those dizzy heights of perfection and give the recipient an item that will leave them gasping in thankfulness, and others gaping open-mouthed in awe of your gift-choosing skills?

It may seem obvious, but always choose a gift with the person you are buying for firmly at the forefront of your search. There’s a lot to be said for gut instinct, so if your tummy is turning over in an indecisive kind of way, then it’s time to find something else. A good way of making that final decision as to whether a gift is right or wrong, is to imagine how you would feel if you received the same gift. Of course we all have different tastes, but if you would hate to receive it, then it’s another sign to move on and continue the search.

Buying with the person you are buying for as the basis of your decision also means putting more than a brief thought into their personality, likes and dislikes as well as thinking about aspects of their life such as home décor, space, preferences and beliefs. Remember – we are striving for gift perfection and that will inevitably mean making effort.

We live in an era where our search for gift perfection can often mean no leg-work at all, with the internet being the place to unearth real present gems. Often the perfect baby or bridal shower gift will be a gift that the recipient has never seen before or could ever imagine would be manufactured. Ditch the more well- known sites and persevere in your search through the google rankings to go beyond Page 1 and you will find some real bits of treasure. From the hand-made to the quirky, from the contemporary to the firmly traditional, the perfect gift is often one that has been chosen with care, consideration and perhaps most importantly, love.

The perfect gift for a bridal or baby shower does not necessarily have to scream functionality. Personalised mementoes and keepsakes solidify the relationship you have with the recipient and instantly prove that you have bought a gift with them very much in mind. Don’t be fooled in to thinking that personalised means etched names and dates, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. Meaningful sayings, memories of places visited or items that will be significant to you and the recipient only make for a gift that means so much more than a price tag.

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