Baby Shower Kit


Our Baby Shower packages are perfect for taking those first, tentative baby steps into party organisation.
Without a single nappy in sight, our packages are far more about relaxing before the new arrival, with any screaming strictly reserved for having fun!
Each package contains 10 luxury invites, a guest book so after having children you will always remember fun times with friends, an event guide that details how to make your baby shower the best the world has ever known, high quality balloons and party poppers to ensure your baby shower goes with a bang, themed party favours, party games chosen for their ability to amuse and engage, a selfie stick so you can take photos of all the guests together, a ‘Mummy’ themed sash and tiara, as well as a special gift to welcome baby into the big, wide world. And just like at every childhood party you get a party bag to take home, there’s a small gift for each and every guest also.
In fact, our package provides all the fun, so all you need to add are the guests!

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