5 Tips for planning a Last Minute Holiday Party or Event

6 Tips for planning a Last Minute Holiday Party or Event

With Christmas a few days away and the New Year (2019) around the corner… It’s party galore all around. Yes, you can still pull off the Last Minute Holiday Party or Event.

So, Don’t panic. You’re not alone. The holidays always seem to sneak up on us! This year is no different. We are here to help as always.

Whether you’re having the whole extended family over for a large-scale holiday celebration or planning a night out with a small group of friends or an end of the year company staff party; from booking a venue to the food menu to creative and fun activities that will wow the attendees, We’ve provided 6 top tips for planning a memorable last minute party this holiday season.

1. Be flexible in choosing a date and time

Everyone wants to have a party on a Friday, followed by Wednesdays and Tuesdays. It will be important for you to be flexible as some of the more popular holiday party timeframes, such as Friday evenings, may already be booked. Go for a Monday or a Thursday night, which are actually less popular.

2. Booking a Venue – Go Unconventional

If this party/event in your home, then you do not have a problem. If you’re planning to use a venue, chances are many traditional venues and restaurants will already be booked. Instead, look for unconventional venues like an industrial warehouse or a loft. Not only are these spaces more likely to be available, but they’ll offer a more unique experience that will leave guests impressed.

3. Keep the Menu casual

First option is to book a unique venue with custom catering to take the pressure out of menu planning. Consider food stations or go with a cocktail-style reception. Finger foods and food stations allow your guests to mix and mingle, too, which is always a good thing at a party. If you’re using a caterer, make sure to check their availability and book immediately.

4. Finalize Your Guest List and Send out invites ASAP

Do yourself a favor and make an organized spreadsheet early-on that includes the first name, last name, and email address or phone number for each of your guests. This will come in handy when you’re ready to send out invitations. We recommend sending digital invites because in addition to being chic, they’re instant! You can use web tools such as Canva to design a simple digital invitation.

5. Go easy on the decor

Don’t go crazy with decor. Chances are the venue you pick will already be decorated for the holidays, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money thinking about staging your event. If you’re hosting at home or the office, opt for simple and festive enhancements.

6. Entertainment is Key

After a long year of work, stress and what not everyone needs fun, music, laughter – entertainment to unwind. Do not go easy on this one! The right entertainment gives life to your party and event. When every other thing goes wrong, It is a party saver. Literally. Depending on your venue, budget, and the amount of space you have, you could hire a band or a DJ. However, a pre-planned playlist from your phone works well too! Sites like Spotify are great. Find a pre-created playlist and take all of the hassle out of prepping music. Just make sure you have the right wiring and speaker equipment ahead of time.

Don’t Worry: You’ve Got This

Last minute party or event planning is definitely stressful, but with this 6 tips, we are certain you will be able to pull together an amazing party/event in a short time frame.
Happy holidays and happy planning!

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