How to Get the Perfect Wedding Dress

It is undoubtedly one of the most, if not THE most important clothing purchases of your life, yet along with the immense excitement and feeling of exuberant spending, there is also a definite feeling of pressure and, along with all the other wedding preparations, dare we say stress.

However, by following a few simple rules, getting the perfect wedding dress can be as idyllic as you always dreamt it would be.


Forget all the times you have admired celebs choices in the news, flicked through wedding magazines in the waiting room or happened upon the most perfect of choices on social media, as this time it’s for real, it’s your moment and it’s happening. And it may seem a bit bridezilla, but don’t leave getting your perfect wedding dress down to chance by simply visiting a shop on one occasion.

For a few weeks before you are going to buy the dress, peruse magazines, Instagram and Pinterest and start to create a mood board, even if it is just in your head, of what you really like. Remember to be rational and use other people’s dresses as inspiration, not as the definitive style you must have. This is meant to be an enjoyable occasion, so demanding exacting copies just piles on more pressure when you need it least.


Naturally, budgets vary but once you have got one, stick to it within reason. It is so easy to get carried away, yet this is the dress for one day only, or potentially half a day if that. It may seem worth the huge outlay initially, but as life continues and is things like children, home improvements and all the rest of the grown-up things come into play, you don’t want to be casting your mind back to the decadence that you couldn’t quite afford at the time. You will find the perfect dress within your budget as long as you keep patient and stay true to yourself with your sensible head well and truly in place.


You are likely to know what suits your body shape but if not, take the advice of the wedding dress sellers who do this day in day out. Try and ignore the well-meaning but sometimes overcritical family and friends set up and always bear in mind that whilst you want to look amazing, you also need to feel amazing to so don’t overlook the comfort element.

Attention to Detail

As with all fashion decisions, when you want to get it absolutely right, remember to get the perfect accessories to match.

Don’t be tempted to immediately cast aside shoes, jewelry items or head attire simply because you are set in your ways. Your wedding dress is one occasion where your ultimate choice may surprise you, with the end result being total perfection without necessarily being the replica image of what you always thought you had in mind.

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