27 Fun and Memorable Valentine’s Day Event Ideas for Event Planners

O yes! Love is in the air and we smell it too.  Another Valentine’s Day is upon us.

Love it or hate it, as an event organizer, it’s one day you can’t ignore and most importantly, it is your job is to make special occasions, well…special! Regardless of a guest’s relationship status, your Valentine’s Day events should be fun and enjoyable.

As always, we got you covered. From events for couples and singles to children or community, here are 27 Valentine’s Day event ideas for your planning inspiration:


1. Meet your Match Party for singletons
2. Valentine’s day craft party for kids
3. Galentine’s day for single ladies
4. Private Dinner for couples
5. Romantic Movie Screening
6. Valentine’s Day Cruise
7. Romancing the Stars (Stargazing Event)
8. Brewery, Winery and Distillery Tours
9. Volunteering Event
10. Valen(wine) tasting and Painting Party
11. Organize a bonfire
12. Chocolate tasting and truffle making
13. Organize a couple dancing event
14. A Scavenger hunt
15. A Poetry reading
16. A Comedy show
17. Karaoke Night
18. A weekend getaway trip
19. Community event for kids
20. Special cooking class
21. Valentine’s Craft workshop
22. Food or Wine tasting
23. Masquerade Ball
24. Valentine’s Pop-Up restaurant
25. Love songs night
26. “Shake it off” Party
27. Spread The Love Event

Love is in the air! There are simply loads of things you can do to bring everyone together on Valentine’s Day. Think creatively, and plan to deliver a great Valentine’s Day Event using any of ideas above.

Happy Planning!.

xoxo ❤❤❤.

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